Friday, 8 April 2011

Evie LopzdiE liFe

there is a girl,,he was a poor girl, always lonely,,
The girls name is Evie LopZdie,, One day, when the girl was walking alone in a strange garden,
Suddenly, the girl fell, the girl felt her heart is extremely ill, the girl was unable to walk again and then collapsed in the middle of the park road, not long after that, came an old lady who not known, he rushed toward the little girl named Evie, he supports the girl back to her house and give a remedy to recover the girl, shortly after the girl was given an antidote, the girl continues aware, the girl was terrified about the surrounding,, suddenly, the old grandmother appeared to her, and then asked, "Why do you faint in the middle of the park road this odd?"Then the girl tells the events that has happened to her,,the girl was told the events that befell him, "I fainted because my heart feels very sick,sick kind of pricked by a very sharp knife, the old lady asked again, why? girl said " my heart is sick caused by a boy, the boy had been treating me kind of a puppet, he has offended me, and leave me alone, I was not able to live longer, now death has come to fetch me, grandma, Evie hope for grandma to take care of yourself while Evie went to the divine, destiny can not be challenged, let me go with a peace ,good-bye grandma "finally,the spirit of the girl even went to the divine ,the old lady felt very sad and condolences on the death of the girl, a few days after the departure of the girl, while theold lady wander the odd garden, he heard his name called by someone, the sound is coming from the sky, old grandmother it looked to the sky, suddenly, an old grandmotherwas shocked to see an old man called it, the old man was told "Evie was a safe facedivine, and now, Evie was safe and resting in peaceMonkey Icon Yoyo," Grandma very happy afterhearing the words of the old man, and said "Grandma would always pray for your happiness over there, Evie,, god will always be atyour side, "and grandmother passed away with a happy feeling, that's a story about a girl who is very unfortunate,

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